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Tuesday – Day 1

Tuesday night was the first of my pre-planned meals – in the sense that I’d bought tortilla wraps with the intent to use up the half-carton of sour cream in the fridge, in full knowledge that there would be assorted veg and cheese in the fridge and some form of frozen dead animal in the freezer. I love fajitas. I don’t imagine for a moment that I make them remotely ‘authentically’ – for a start I always make them with packet spice mix, currently its actually taco mix I have open – but they’re fun to make and fun to eat and tasty.
Pre-prepped VegLots of Cheese
Normally I make them with chicken, mushrooms and red or yellow pepper, with a generous helping of whatever cheese is in the fridge.
Turkey MarinadingTurkey Sizzling Away
Tuesday’s mystery frozen meat was turkey so that got marinated in spice and oil while some slightly sad looking green beans (there was an entire crate of them ridiculously reduced when I was last food shopping) were refreshed by a wee top and tail and a par boil before being added to the frying pan with the rest of the veg. I’ve never put green beans in fajitas before, but they really work, I don’t know why I’d never thought to do that before, as beans of all kinds are a big part of Mexican food, it had just never occurred to me previously.
Everything sizzling away
I forgot to take a photo of the finished item as we like build your own food with Mexican food, so everything was piled through to the dining room table so everyone can get as much or as little as they prefer. Only waste from this one was the scabby ends of the beans and the pepper stalk and seeds that went in the compost. There was still half a pepper – put in a box in the fridge for pasta later in the week – and 2 wraps left in the packet – to be recycled as either sandwiches or burritos if I’m feeling adventurous.

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