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Foodie Resolutions

It’s January and the traditional time for taking stock (and making stock, I’ve made a lot of soup this month) and thinking about what we want to achieve in the coming year. If I’m honest: it’s my favourite thing about this time of year. Regular readers will know that I love a good list, even if I rarely complete them. It’s the journey not the destination!

Last year I made a couple of food related resolutions. I wanted to go vegetarian for 3 months and – after an aborted attempt the previous year – I wanted to get into food blogging. I succeeded in both of those things – victory for me! Over the course of the year I set myself various challenges that were greater or lesser successes, and I want to do more of that this year. The pick 30 recipes I’ve never made and cook them thing (both iterations) was a challenge of dual utility – it made me clear out a lot of recipes I’d been accumulating and wanting to cook and it gave me something to write about on here! I even managed to make on average two recipes a month off the list from March when I started the challenge onwards, which I think is a reasonable steady rate and one, which I’d like to maintain. I’m at 18 recipes so far; if I keep up the pace I should be finished by July.

So enough about last year, what are my food aspirations for this coming year? The main one involves baking. I really enjoy baking and I don’t do it enough. I procrastinate and forget about it, but I love doing it and I love eating the results. I want to bake 10 times in 2015. Not a massive target but large enough to be a challenge (I baked a total of 3 times last year) yet small enough that I really really should be able to achieve it. Besides, I got 2 Lorraine Pascale cookbooks for Christmas, and they’re heavy on the baking so I should really justify their existence shouldn’t I? More specifically I want to master the art of gluten free baking…nothing to do with having promised a certain friend of mine a birthday cake…

After a recent bout of food poisoning (dodgy burger on the way to a gig, I’ve only myself to blame) I’m not particularly feeling well disposed towards meat at the moment. So, I’m thinking that going vegetarian again may well be the way forward, though I’m holding off for the moment due to various factors that may make going veggie difficult – i.e. I might be moving to the Western Isles and I’m not sure how tenable being veggie there actually might be. It might be fine, I mean I’m unlikely to be able to get the kind of meat that I truly miss (chorizo, pancetta, pastrami) out there and I don’t actually like fish or seafood so it might actually be easier… Anyway, geographical issues aside, I’m planning to up the ante and go vegetarian for six months this year.

Plus I’d really like to get those meat-based recipes off my 30 recipes list actually made…

Other than that I want to do more challenges, I don’t quite know what yet, so I’m open to suggestions, but I’m thinking a sustainability/waste reduction theme wouldn’t go amiss. Suggestions on a postcard…or more usefully, in the comments below!

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