Fried Food (Or a lack thereof…)

As a side challenge this month, I’ve doing something else from my Day Zero List, and trying not to eat fried food for a month. It’s been relatively successful actually, as other than one packet of crisps early on in the month, and pinching a couple of a mate’s chips in the pub one evening, I’ve managed to almost entirely avoid fried food throughout this month. I refuse to count sautéing mushrooms to make a sauce, largely because that that feels like taking things to ridiculous extremes.

I expected it to be a much more difficult challenge than it turned out to be. My reason for doing it this month, was that I felt that I’d eaten too much rubbish, what with travelling so much for work – and also being on holiday – and wanted to cut back on deep fried food in particular. I should perhaps have made it more specific – deep fried food – because while I felt the benefit of the desired decreased intake of chips in particular, what the challenge was, was inconvenient. I couldn’t have a stir-fry, or a curry for that matter. Most Mexican food was out of the window too. Many of my plans to try new ingredients were de-railed because it seemed like every cooked recipe I found, involved some element of frying, and the alternative methods of cooking I might have normally used to circumvent the prohibition proved too time-consuming with my current shift pattern. So really it’s proved to be more of a frustrating prohibition rather than a difficult or challenging one.

And it just dawned on me that the little portion of pumpkin katsu curry that I had at the sushi place where I ate dinner last night, was bread-crumbed and most likely flash fried. What a…nuisance. Which could equally well sum up this month’s food challenge. A complete nuisance.

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