I’ve got a Little List

So after taking everything out of my cupboards to establish what I actually have in there, I spent a few (many) glorious hours paging through all the recipe books in the flat, in search of recipes that were vegetarian, sounded tasty and involved food I had in the cupboard. So far the list is 17 items long. It’s only not 20 items long yet, because I have some baking supplies I want to use up and the recipe book I’d requested from the library for that part of the plan still hasn’t arrived. So here’s the list so far:

  1. Dal Paneer Nawabi (Dal Cookbook)
  2. Parsee Dal
  3. Rasam with Gourd and Toor Lentils
  4. Lentil Kutu with Green Beans
  5. Moong Dal with Cauliflower
  6. Flaked Rice with Potatoes/Batate Pohe (India’s Vegetarian Cooking)
  7. Bamboo Shoots in Coconut Milk/Kirla Ghassi
  8. Rice and Mung Stew/Mung Khichdi
  9. Rich Root Soup (Easy Vegetarian)
  10. Summer Beans and Couscous Salad
  11. Lentils and Couscous (Guardian)
  12. Pappardelle with Leek
  13. Pumpkin Curry (Wagamama)
  14. Yasai Dotenabe
  15. Yasai Yaki Soba
  16. Sake Poached Pears
  17. Rosemary and Thyme Focaccia (Packet)

So far I’ve made Pappardelle with Leek, which was very tasty, even if I didn’t get the Leek:Pasta ratio quite right when I cut it down to serve one person (next time I’ll keep the dark green parts for soup), it was definitely a tasty and straight-forward worknight dinner.
Paperdelle and Leek

I appreciate that it doesn’t sound all that impressive, 7 days into the month to have only cooked one recipe off my list, but in my defense I was away on holiday for a long weekend this weekend so haven’t actually been at home to cook for most of the time, but, I will do better.

I hope…

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